Day 62 of no job

Day 62

Well, it’s day 62 of no job.  It’s day 62 of sending out resumes, filling out online applications, calling contacts and dealing with… well, I’m not sure what feelings I’m dealing with.  At first it was a little relief of not having to answer to two different bosses who wanted two different things from me.  Then it was a little bit of sadness, then some anger at being let go (even though I get it, I’ve had to let people go before).  It’s a humbling experience – You have to trust in something much bigger than yourself and you have to wake up each day ready to pound the pavement – well the internet pavement that is, with the software scanning application programs, hour long application processes, and then you wonder if your resume even makes it through to the recruiting/HR person.

And, let’s talk about family… you’ve got the family and spouse to deal with,too which is a whole other ball of wax!  My parents, whom I love dearly, worry about me and I sometimes get 3-4 phone calls a day from my mom, asking me what I’m doing, do I want to help her rescue a stray dog, she saw that someone passed away that had worked in a PR position – maybe I should call that company (seriously).  Then the “keep a stiff upper lip” husband, who tries to be supportive, yet sometimes comes off condenscending and questions how I answer interview questions, salary questions, and who I think sometimes feels as if I’m now the personal maid since I’m not “officially” working.  Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to scream!!

And today is one of those days.  So, I will fortify myself with some pasta and a glass of red wine tonight and hope for a brighter day tomorrow. 

Oh, did I mention that my in-laws are coming for a week next Monday?

One thought on “Day 62 of no job

  1. ahhh!!! in-laws next week?? lots of wine will be needed lol! Everyone’s job search is different. I know your family means well but I know it’s hard to take! It took me 9 months. Your search will not take that long. Just keep remembering that it is not personal. I used to get really down on myself. Used to be that you went through the newspaper and you found an interesting job, you called, then you walked in to give them your resume… not anymore! It was hard for me. I always had an easy time getting jobs when I wanted one. When you feel like crying just give me a call – I won’t judge! haha

    You need more girl time man! Let’s get together and just hang out :oP

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