Sunshine Day!

I think I’ll go for a walk outside… come on – sing along if you remember the Brady Bunch song “Sunshine Day”! 

Overview of day 63:

3 hours filling out online job applications for 2 jobs = Frustration

1.5 hours working in the yard sweating my ass off = Stress Relief

30 minutes speaking to my good friend in Chicago and finding out that her sister’s cancer may be back = Reality Check

I have my health, my friends, my family… my dogs 🙂  I will continue down this road and remember that this is just part of my life’s journey.  So today really was kind of a “Sunshine Day” – I’m guessing my old co-worker Brenda will like this because as she used to say “My family is just like having sunshine blown up your ass!  They’re happy all the time!”

For your listening pleasure… check out the link below

Oh, and I’ve actually called a friend before and have sung this song to her to make her laugh… you know who you are… (Maureen)


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