Day 65 & 66

So, I’m going to combine Day 65 and 66… I mean, it was the weekend, I was busy and we drove up to the mountains on Sunday and I actually felt like a normal person.

I do fairly well on the weekends, my husband’s home from work, we get to work on things around the house or up at the cabin, and everything feels pretty normal, as I’m not stuck at home while everyone else is at work during the week.

Plus, (and I know this sounds crazy) but I get a little bit of a break from “dog duty”.  I love my two rescue pups, but there are days during the week that, after about 12 hours of letting them in and out, yelling at the smaller one for barking at everyone person that walks down our street, every delivery truck that drives by… well, frankly I can’t wait for my husband to get home so I get a break!  HA!  You stay at home moms have my sympathies!  I jokingly said to my husband – “Now I know how moms feel after dealing with their kids all day and they say to the husband when he gets home… They’re all yours!”  🙂

Anyway – the weekend was good, getting ready for company to come in town – which I hope goes well and I read a very insightful article in Sunday’s paper about looking for a job, and considering changing course from what you’ve done for the last several years… Here’s the link to it – Hope you enjoy!

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