Day 68

Day 68 and I’m trying to stay on my schedule of working out, research and applying for jobs… and now – entertaining our company that is visiting.

Luckily our relatives (from my husband’s side) are VERY laid back.  I mean, we went to lunch and then they wanted to check out some thrift stores, and they were pretty much done for the day!  It always takes me a while to get used to this pace when his family visits.  Of course, they probably think I’m a crazy, maniac that is constantly cleaning, picking up empty cups/glasses – Uuugh – this is one thing that I call the Thompson curse – I’ve never seen a family use so many cups and glasses throughout the day – Seriously!!   And I freely tell them this too.

Anyway, we had a fun day, and ended it that evening with a trip to the Georgia Aquarium and cocktails at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, which I think they enjoyed.  And, it helped take my mind off of the job search, and the two dirty martinis made me a little more laid back – so I fit right in with the rest of the family.


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