Day 69

Good morning world – On day 69 of this journey I woke up feeling kind of tired, which is probably from the fact that I hadn’t slept well in three nights.  I’m tired, I fall asleep, then wake up and stare at the ceiling for two or three hours.

I’m thankful that I slept well on Tuesday night, but am a little slow to get moving… however, I have an appointment at Spanx, to see if I’d work as a fitter for them… so off I went for a 10 a.m. appointment at their Buckhead offices.

WOW!  What a COOL office!!!  Seems like it’s such a fun, cool place to work.  I’m sure they all work very hard, I mean, it’s such a successful company, but it reminded me that a workplace can still have that fun, lighthearted vibe, while still cranking out the work.

So, as for the fitting appointment – They take your measurements to see if you’d be a good candidate to fit their product on.  Well, they told me, “You’re a medium in the bust and waist, but your hips are a little larger than the “medium” size.  Shoot – I could have told them that!  I have always had the problem of getting things to fit over my hips!  In any event, they said I might be a good candidate for fitting bras and swimwear.  So, we’ll see if I get a call down the road for this.  I’ve decided,  I’m not going to be afraid to try different opportunities and see where that takes me.

For me, just the opportunity to see the Spanx offices and get a very small glimpse into such a successful company and the dynamic people that work there made my day on Wednesday.  Thanks to the sweet girl (young lady) at Spanx for contacting me and seeing if there might be some fitting opportunities down the road.

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