Day 71

Friday was kind of an overcast day, and we were in North Georgia with our relatives from Wyoming.  My husband took our two nephews whitewater rafting on the Ocoee.  My mother-in-law was very concerned about this trip as her youngest grandchild ( our nephew) was going on this trip.  Now when I say “youngest” the kid is almost 15 years old for God’s sake!  However, this is the youngest of her six grandchildren and she still refers to him as “Lukey” not Luke… which incidentally drives me bonkers, well, that and her humming – it’s constant!

Friday was my day off from the job search, so my mother-in-law and I drove up to  meet the guys after they got off the river.  I did, however, have to tell her that I was turning the radio on to combat her humming – she got the message.  🙂  And,   Good news… everyone survived the whitewater rafting trip and the nephews had a good time.

On to the weekend!

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