Day 75






Happy Tuesday!

I’m excited to have my house back to myself in the mornings.  I like to get my coffee first thing, read the paper and watch the Today Show, without interruption, which hasn’t happened in a week!

I try to maintain some kind of schedule since I’ve been out of work.
I  get up around 7 or 7:30 a.m., get my coffee, check the news and get my workout out of the way… then it’s on to the job search.  After the job search is done, I’m free to do chores around the house or garden, go see a movie, get on Facebook for awhile – whatever, but I make myself stick with my 2-3 hours each day dedicated to the jobsearchthingy 🙂

Today my treat is going to the movies with my mom in the afternoon – looking forward to this.  Of course, this morning she did have to tell me how her neighbor let her check out her iPad and how “it’s the coolest thing!”  She then went on to tell me that she called Apple, spoke with their online support and asked them questions about the product.  This is what my mom does.  She’s been looking, talking about, researching tablets for almost a year now.  She actually told my sister and I last year that she wanted the Nook Tablet for Christmas, which we told our dad, and which he bought for her… well, the Nook went back to the store.  Not sure why?  So, she’s been talking about a tablet for the past 8 months now.  I asked her this morning, “So, does this mean you’re going to get an iPad?”  And she finally said “Yes!”   Hallelujah!  It’s kind of like the show “Say Yes to the Dress?”  So, Mom, is this your tablet?  Are you saying “yes” to the iPad?

However, she hasn’t purchased it yet, so it could be several more months of hearing about her research and talking about how she’s going to buy one.

I will give her this, for being in her mid-seventies, she’s not afraid of technology and is open to still learning new things… and I love that about my mom!

P.S.  She also will download the 100+ page user guide and print it out.  She asked if  I wanted one for my iPhone and I said, “No, I just mess around with it til I figure it out.”  🙂


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