Day 76

Today, Wednesday, was a good day.  Got up, had my coffee and had my job search time done by 9:30 this morning, which gave me the opportunity to take a late morning walk.

And… Today is my husband’s and mine 25th wedding anniversary.  Kind of crazy!  We dated for a little over 5 years before getting married, and were set up on our first date by a couple that we’re still very good friends with.

As I think back to my wedding day, I remember how proud I was of my mom and dad.  See, my dad had been laid off during my wedding planning/engagement time.  He’d been a top regional sales manager for years and had done well, but he was at the dreaded “50-year-old age bracket, with two girls in college and one planning a wedding,  and it was tough finding a company that would hire him.  So, my dad being my dad… took an apartment maintenance job.  He worked his butt off, lost weight, got a great tan that summer and was actually pretty happy during that time of his life.  He eventually got another sales job, but I appreciate so much what he did for me, for our family.  I look back on that time and think of my dad, as I am now unemployed due to a corporate lay off.   He taught me that you may not be in the same position that you were before financially, or even job description-wise, but life goes on, and looking back this will simply be a bump in the road of, what I hope will be,  a long and happy marriage with my best friend.

So today, I celebrate my husband and our anniversary, my parents who instilled in me  good values, hard work and financial responsibility – and I count  the many, many blessings that I have in my life.


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