Day 78

It’s Friday!!!!  I still remember how good it was to say those words when I was working full-time… so I hope all of you hard-working folks had a good day and are looking forward to enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend!

Today my yappy little dog woke me up about 6:50 a.m., which was fine, I needed to get up, get my work out done and get ready for my appointment with the temp agency.

I’m fighting a nagging head cold, so I’ve kind of felt tired all day, but I feel like the meeting went well.  The lady was very nice and helpful.  It was just nice to get to meet with someone face to face and be able to actually speak with them and tell them about my work experience.

I treated myself to Chinese for lunch today and asked my parents to meet me, and my hubby joined us too.  It was nice to get out, and Chinese food always tastes good to me when I have a little bit of a cold – plus I had them add some red pepper flakes to open up my sinuses!

I then went by the mall to pick up my MacAir book!  Woo – hoo!  I’m using it right now and it is awesome!  I have a training session scheduled to learn more about it, but it’s pretty amazing… especially given the fact that I had been using about a 10 yr. old laptop that I would frequently curse at because of the slow speed at which it operated

Oh, and my mom went to the mall with me, so she could speak yet again with an Apple sales rep about the iPad.  Nope, no purchase today… she still wants to talk to more people about it.  🙂  Oye!

Have a great weekend!


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