Day 81

It’s Monday and I had to report to my “re-employment” class at the Department of Labor.

I was kind of dreading this, but it ended up being helpful, opened my eyes a little and made me realize that I’m not alone – so many others are also out of work.  I knew this, but actually seeing the “others” that are also among the ranks of the unemployed, makes you really take stock of what you have.

The speaker for the class was very helpful, informative and also shared that he’s been among the unemployed and may soon be unemployed again, due to cuts and automation at the DOL.

Plus, he shared how some of the online job boards have duplicate listings, expired or already filled positions and some are looking to gather information.  GREAT – as if looking for a job wasn’t mind-numbing enough – now we’ve got all of these online sites that most of us think can be useful but, in fact, end up kind of making you spin your wheels with the job search process!

Oh, and I found out that if you hope to have a job in 15-16 weeks, you need to be sending out approximately 50 applications per week!  Boy do I have my work cut out!

Happy Monday!


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