Day 84 – Here’s hoping for a better night’s sleep

Today I slept in a little, as my yappy dog once again decided to bark on and off throughout the night.

My poor husband got up at 5:30, after we both had gotten up at 4:30, after numerous attempts to get him to quit barking.  Of course, as we’re checking out the dog, to make sure he wasn’t hurt or had been bitten, or had a hot spot, etc… the dog falls asleep in my husband’s arms – as we’re giving him a thorough inspection!!!  So we’re thinking, “Good, he’s tired, he’s going to go right back to sleep”  WRONG!!!  The minute we got back in bed… “Yap, Yap!”  And that continued on and off til I got up.  Not sure how we’re going to handle this… I’ll keep you posted.

I did my mandatory job search, application stuff, then finished painting the piece of furniture I’ve been working on – and I’m very pleased with the way it’s turning out!  Amazing that I’ve put this off for over two years and it has taken maybe a couple of hours over two days to finish it.  Now I want to find some other piece of furniture to paint.

I also finished the book I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  So on to my next read!  I feel like I accomplish something when I finish a book 🙂  

I’ve ended day 84 with wings and beer with my sister, dad and nephew – which was nice and it got me out of the house.  

Oh, and I did get a call about a job lead from one of my old ad agency friends.. so we’ll see if that materializes to anything.

Keeping the faith…

P.S.  – I’m too tired to look for a photo for day 84’s post.





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