Day 85 – Boy do I feel like a bad “dog mom”

After a few sleepless nights, I decided today to add “take the dog to the vet” to my list.

I actually had some job leads, which I’m excited about, and I got a lot done today. The hutch that I was painting is finished, workout done, cleaning (almost) done, baked stuff to take to the lake, did laundry, then raced the dog to the vet at 4.

I’m so glad I took him! Seems that our little “Kipper the Yipper” may have dug, then sat in, a red ant pile. Yep. So, he now has a nice shaved tail (he used to have a very fluffy tail that we referred to as his “Money Maker”), as he’d hold it high as he trotted around the yard. So, $160, an few antibiotics and cortisone pills and spray later, he’s now home and we’re all praying for a peaceful Friday night’s rest.

Here’s to the weekend – Cheers!

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