Day 86 & 87


The weekend bundle includes a canceled trip to the lake, a sleepless Friday night, a groggy Saturday and a delightful Sunday.

The weekend got off on a bad note as our dog, Kipper, continued to bark, yipe, every hour on the hour friday night.  We got up around 5:30 a.m. and decided we’d better cancel hosting our weekend guests at our cabin, as we were running on fumes at this point.

After another vet visit, an additional $60, a cortisone shot and some doggy tranquilizers, we (the two dogs and my husband and I) all slept like babies on Saturday night.  Thank God!!!

Enough about my dog.  Sunday brought about a gorgeous day, and we spent it around the house cleaning, doing yard work, putting final touch up paint on the hutch for my dining room – with which I’m thrilled!  So glad I finally painted it!  I’ve attached a “before and after” photo.  By the way, if you’ve ever gotten the itch to try painting a piece of furniture, check out this lady’s blog – she’s awesome and has lots of fun ideas!  It’s called  She recommends Krylon paint, but I used Rustoleum’s primer and painter in one.

I even did a little job search online on Sunday.  The Department of Labor’s site is helpful and I feel like I have a little bit better chance of getting my resume looked at by going through them.  So, fingers crossed that something will materialize.

Happy Monday!



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