Day 88 – The kindness of friends and strangers

On Monday, I had a call from an old colleague that was passing on a lead to me.  She also sent me several recruiters that she had contacted when she was in a similar position of looking for a job.

It’s the kindness of friends and co-workers that you so appreciate during these times.  And, most of the time these calls and referrals come from people you’d least expect them to come from.  There’s a sense of camaraderie between those that have been laid off and those that have been down that road and “lived to tell about it.”

These people have acted as my support group, my cheerleader section, have provided an ear to listen and are the ones who email or call me with leads.  Then there are people that I’ve met while at a class, shopping or getting my hair cut… It seems I meet someone on a weekly basis with a story of how they went through a lay off and the different course they ended up taking because of it. 

I ended Monday with the determination to not get frustrated, to be open to anything, and to see where this winding road of possibilities takes me.

Oh, and I did end the day on a yummy note… with recipe I found on Twitter, from Bon Appetit.  

Here’s a link to the recipe!



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