Day 89 – Loving my MacBook Air

On Tuesday I went to my first one-on-one session for my MacBook Air at the Apple store… Loved it!

Can’t wait to really dig in and start using all sorts of great applications.  I know this is crazy, but I just recently started using iTunes.  I’m having a blast downloading some of my cds.  It’s nice to listen to music during the job search drudgery.  I’ve already signed up for my next one-on-one session and am so looking forward to using the Mac to its full potential.

It’s also been very nice to have a new laptop for the job search.  No longer am I waiting 4-5 minutes for my old laptop to start up and get all of the settings in place.

And, just as I’d mentioned in my previous post, I continue to meet people that have been down this road before… I happened to have my one-on-one session with a great guy named “Joe”.  We got to talking and he shared that he’d been laid off from his job with IBM years ago, and told me “I know this may sound trite, but it was the best thing that  ever happened to me.  That’s how I found my way here  – doing what I love.”  This bolstered my spirits and confirmed that I too will find my niche and figure out where new opportunities will take me.

Here’s to believing….   (I love Journey – enjoy this blast from the past!)

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