Day 90 – Wondering Why You Haven’t Heard from HR?

I recently read an article titled, “Why Haven’t I Heard Back From HR?”  The article made some decent points, but basically doesn’t provide us job seekers with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Bottom line is, it’s tough out there, there are no easy, sure-fire ways to get your resume through the online maze of application processes, and HR departments are overrun with applicants.

My mentality is to keep fighting the good fight, try to connect with past contacts and continue to network.  I’m also trying to be very open about different career options, salary options and maintain a good attitude above all.  I don’t see much use for wallowing in self-pity.   Sure, I’ve had my days where I’ve gone into a room by myself and cried out of frustration.  I’ve worked through that stage of the “job grief.”  I now know what it’s like when everyone you see asks you “How’s the job search going?”  That’s basically the last thing you really want to talk about.  But believe me, I’ve done that with friends and family before I was laid off… without realizing that it’s a little like pouring salt in a wound.  The person out of a job spends their days researching and applying for jobs, sometimes we just don’t want to talk about it when we’re out among friends – that’s our break from the monotony of sitting in front of a computer, by ourselves, applying to the online black holes.

So when I do start a new job, and have a friend that has been laid off, I PROMISE to not ask “How’s the job search going?”

And, here are some handy job search tips to keep us unemployed sane!

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