Day 92 – Labor Day Plans Anyone?

As everyone heads toward the Labor Day holiday weekend, the last blast of summer fun, I wish everyone a safe and hassle-free holiday.

We’re looking forward to spending time with great friends that we’ve known for almost 20 years now.  The guys will watch football on Saturday, the girls will go shopping and sample some of the wonderful Saint Bernardus beer that the Blue Ridge Brewery serves.

We’re keeping fingers crossed for good lake weather on Sunday.  And of course, we will have plenty of food!  One of my friends raised 4 girls and always comes prepared with EVERYTHING!  My other friend has a blended family of 6 children total!  Again, these ladies know how to handle food and we usually end up with so much food it’s ridiculous… but it’s fun and I can’t wait to see them!

The weekend is just what I need – a good amount of time my two of my best girlfriends and of course time with our hubbies as well.

Happy Labor Day, End of Summer and Bring on the Fall festivals, college football and cozy nights at home!





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