Day 93 & 94 – Did you have a fun Labor Day Weekend?

I had a GREAT Labor Day Weekend!  But, boy am I sore after tubing on the lake!  My arms/shoulders are so achy today!  I do feel rejuvenated though for the job search.  Being around great friends and sharing good times has helped fortify me for another week’s worth of looking for a job.

As I predicted, we had plenty of food and drink and I think we really did a good job of pooling all of our efforts on the food front.  Now it’s back to eating healthier, hopping back on the “pain train” (working out), and back to looking for  a job.

I do feel as if I’m getting a clearer picture of the path I want to take, and am more confident in the direction I’m leaning towards.  I am ready for the second act of my career and am looking forward to embracing a direction, new skills and adding a new dimension to my life.

Happy “Day after Labor Day”!

P.S.  Here’s a great recipe for a light dinner of shrimp salad

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