Day 95 & 96 – I have confidence in you!

I typically don’t bundle Monday and Tuesday, but since Monday was a holiday and Tuesday I was a little low in the confidence arena… well, I just didn’t have it in me to do a post for both Monday and Tuesday.

I was pretty exhausted from our Labor Day weekend of entertaining,  We had a drizzly drive back to Atlanta on Monday, followed by a very low-key cookout at my parents.  Everyone headed home early to get kids ready for school the next day, to prepare for their work week, and me – to prepare for tackling the job search.

Tuesday was also another dreary day and my dogs insisted on barking on and off all day… so much so, that by the end of the day I had had it with them.  I told my husband when he got home – “They’re all yours!”  Must be a reason why we never ended up having kids.  God bless the moms,  I know they have a tough job – even though they love their kids very much.

I did get a call on a job lead from a neighbor of ours, but also got two emails from companies saying “thank you for your application, but your qualifications outweigh the qualifications for positions we currently have available.”   (Sigh) – It’s a bit maddening at times – not enough of the qualifications they’re looking for or you have too much experience… I know, I know…  Something will work out.   I firmly believe that, but Tuesday was a day where I began doubting myself.  That’s probably the most difficult part of this – you feel like you lose confidence in yourself.

Today’s  (Wednesday) challenge – to build up my confidence!






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