Day 103 – What the *#%^@!?@###!!!

It’s Day 103 and you really don’t want to know what all the symbols above stand for, as I have seriously been spewing cuss words and yelling at my dogs to “go lay down.”  You see, I just tried 4 times, count ’em – 4 times – to fill out an online application and it continues to evaporate into who knows where when I’m almost finished filling out everything.  Aaargh!!!!!

I’m even trying to listen to Kid Rock, thinking some fun music will make this process better, but when you spend an hour trying to get an online application filled out and then it disappears, well that just SUCKS!!!  Oh, and the one I was working on before this one, well the testing process didn’t work well on a Mac, so I had to stop that and will have to contact them tomorrow to see if I can re-take that online test.  Oh, and here’s a kicker, I deposited an unemployment check today, but after the machine sucked it in, I started thinking – I don’t know if I endorsed the check or not!

I wasn’t going to have wine til this thursday, but think I may have to pour a big glass and just chalk this day up to a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!.

Think I’ll go cry in my chardonnay  😦





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