Day 104 – I’ve gathered my wits about me

Missy – my little side-kick

After my little “hissy fit” yesterday over the online application process, I got up early this morning, gathered my wits about me and dove head-first into the job search.  I spent almost 3 hours and got a lot knocked out.  Plus, this wonderful cooler weather allows me to get my walk in mid-day without fainting from heat stroke. We’ve been having absolutely gorgeous weather and the walk always clears out the cobwebs from the mind-numbing job application process.

I then went out with my mom in search of mums (that were supposed to be on sale), but the store had not yet received the shipment of the said “sale mums.”  I just love mums.   They always signal the first sign of Fall for me.

It was a laid back, enjoyable afternoon, returning home to be greeted by my two dogs, whom I was yelling at yesterday because of my frustration.  I know – bad dog mom!  I think they’ve forgiven me though.  They know I love ’em and spoil them rotten.  Speaking of which, the one who hangs out with me in my office will be pacing in a few minutes for her nightly walk.  I swear they have internal clocks for waking up (I get the 6:55 a.m. bark)  for lunch (whining for the lunch time snack), for dinner (whining and pacing) and when it’s time for their evening walk ( crazy acting pacing and whining).

Think I’ll fix a fall dinner – pork chops, sweet potatoes, sautéed apples and some biscuits – Yum!

Happy “Only two more days left in the work week” to my working friends!

P.S.  I’m currently listening to the Grease soundtrack – yes, I’m a geek – I still remember going to see (the original) Grease movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John when I was in junior high!  🙂



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