Day 105 – Temp work can get you out of the house

On Day 105 I got a phone call from the temp agency, with which I’d contacted, and ended up doing  some receptionist work and CRM input, which was interesting.  It’s amazing how casual companies are.  Having been used to career attire, which meant no jeans – ever – for the past almost 9 years, I guess I”m not used to seeing people at work in shorts and flip flops.  It was a very nice group of people, and it was nice to get out of the house.  And… after work I had cocktails with friends, got home by 8:30 and was exhausted!  I have to get back in “working shape.”    Oops – speaking of working – just got another call from the temp agency and have to head out for another last-minute job!  Hope everyone has a good day!

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