Day 106 – Honey i’m home!

Here’s to the weekend!

I love that song by Shania TwainHoney I’m Home!”  It’s the perfect working girls’ song.  There’s nothing better than coming home on a friday evening, pouring a glass of wine and toasting the weekend.  I haven’t had that feeling for a few months, but today I did.

I actually had  temporary work again today.   They also asked me to come back monday and the temp agency called me about a possible direct hire situation.  And… I’m talking to another contact about possible employment – so keep your fingers crossed for me.

I feel like things might be coming together, but I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch.  I have a busy week shaping up for next week  – basically booked with work or appts. through Wednesday.  This is a good thing and I have to do a mind shift and get my butt going in the morning. No more coffee, then a late workout.  I have to get back to my old routine of doing the morning workout , then if I get called for an assignment – it’s out of the way.  Tonight – the workout just isn’t happening.

Cheers to friday evening… and the working girls!



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