111 and 112 – It’s been a whirl-wind of interviewing this week!

I’ve almost made it through this whirl-wind of a week.  On Wednesday I caught my breath a little, was supposed to have a phone interview on Wednesday afternoon, which never came to fruition  – the guy never called.  But… the temp agency called and said that one of my interviews on Tuesday had gone well and they wanted me to come back for a second interview… on Thursday morning.

I went to the second interview and thought it went well.  When I checked my messages, I had gottten a call back for a second interview with the other company I had interviewed with on Tuesday.  So I called them back, have a second interview scheduled for Friday afternoon with them and in the meantime, the temp agency calls and makes me an offer for the first company!  I know  – I’m sure all of this is confusing – I was a little frazzled by the time this day came to a close.

Anywaaaa-aay … Can you say hallelujah, shut the front door, woot woot!  I have a job!  So excited about the company, it’s culture and everything it stands for.

Yes, I’m going to leave you hanging… I have to meet with their HR person tomorrow and once I get all the official documents, then I’ll let you all know who it is.

Happy Thursday!!


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