A new job, a new day



It’s the weekend bundle, and it’s a new day as I think about my new job!   I’ve decided I will no longer use the number of days for being unemployed, as I will officially begin my new job on Oct. 3rd.   I can’t wait and am so excited to learn a new set of skills and take on new challenges!

The weekend was great.  A fun day of antiquing and celebrating a good friend’s birthday on Saturday, followed by a birthday celebration dinner on Sunday for my parents, whose birthdays are just a day apart.

And this gorgeous weather completely matches my mood – what a beautiful, crisp fall morning!!   How many of you are making plans for some fun fall outings to take in this gorgeous weather?  I hope you make time to get out and take in this beautiful day, even if it’s getting out for a quick lunch today.

As the clock begins ticking,  my list of  “to do” things is growing!  I know this week will fly by and by next Tuesday evening, I probably won’t sleep at all as I prepare for my new job – but it’s an exciting time.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!


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