The Countdown begins

First day of my new job

Monday I hit the ground running.  I have a list of things to get done before beginning my new job and the countdown has begun!

Doctors, appointments, last-minute projects, review of clothes for work, finalizing paperwork, getting carpets cleaned, etc.  One thing I cannot wait to check off my list is making my last payment to COBRA!  Uuugh!  Seriously, it’s like a small mortgage payment for just two people!  They should call it a “Completely Outrageous Brand of Ridiculously Absurd” cost of insurance.  Anyway- glad I won’t have to continue to pay for that!

I will say good-bye to my flip flops, shorts and t-shirts.  They will be packed away for when I come home from work and change into my comfy clothing.  I will stuff my feet back into “working people shoes” and will go back to ironing shirts, pants and running around frantically in the morning as I get ready to dash out the door to work..  I’m looking forward to that.  Yes, I will miss some of my time at home, but the 4 months of being unemployed were long enough for me.  I’m looking forward to my new work environment, making new friends and taking in everything the new job has to offer.

Have a good evening!





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