Ever had difficulty reading the small print?

Do you remember the first time you noticed you couldn’t read the small print like you used to?  Well, I’ve noticed it for a while and kept thinking I could still try to read the small print.  Then it finally dawned on me… Why am I doing this?  They have these things called “reading glasses” that can help with this issue!  So, after my eye exam the other day, I bought my first pair of reading glasses.  I told the people at  Vision Works, “I’m not ready for bifocals.  I’ll get my distance glasses and will get a separate pair of reading glasses.”  I know – my vanity just wouldn’t let me go there with bifocals.

The eye exam was my last errand for this week.  I feel like I’ve been running every day.  Today, I’m enjoying my coffee and watching the Today Show, even though they drive me crazy with their politically biased coverage!   (Sorry – just can’t help it – I am fired up over this year’s election)  I am trying to savor my last few days of being at home and getting things checked off of my list.  Come to think of it… I may pop some popcorn today and rent a movie this afternoon.

Next friday at this time I”ll be “hanging with the working folks.”

Happy Friday!


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