Making lists of things to do before starting a new job

Well, I’ve had plenty of things to do before starting my new job tomorrow.  I’ve made lists every day, as I love the feeling of accomplishment when you get to check off something on your list.

I’ve cleaned, I’ve ironed, I’ve shopped, I’ve cleaned some more… One of my friends said, “Ya know… it’s not like you’re not going to have weekends or days off every now and then to get things done.”  I’ve always been like that though.  Tell me we’re going on vacation and I’ve got a list of things to do before we leave – Oh, and I like to have my house cleaned before I go on vacation, so I can come home to a clean house.  🙂

And, wouldn’t you know it… I’ve had like 5 calls for job offers/interviews since I accepted my new job.  Amazing – doesn’t it always happen that way?  I feel like I’ve made a good choice and I’ve heard so many great things about this company.  I’m looking forward to getting back to a “family atmosphere” – like what I had when I worked at the ad agency.  We worked our tails off,  but it was a fun group of people and people that you’d enjoy doing stuff with outside of work as well.  Not to say I didn’t enjoy working with the people at my other jobs, but it just wasn’t that type of atmosphere, plus it was a rough market the last four years in the real estate industry.  Lot’s of changes, layoffs, downsizing – it wears you down after a while.

So, I”m looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.

Happy October!  (Can’t believe it’s October already!!  Christmas will be here before you know it!!  Aaagggh!)



2 thoughts on “Making lists of things to do before starting a new job

  1. good luck tomorrow! and yes Christmas is right around the corner – I said on Facebook the other day, “okay, who’s having the New Year’s Eve party?” It’s time to start planning that!

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