Tomorrow marks 2 weeks at the new job!

The past two weeks at my new job have been busy, filled with so much information I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose!  I keep telling myself, that this is good for my brain – to stretch it and learn new skills.

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.  The girl I’m replacing is so organized and such a great teacher.  I know I have some big shoes to fill, as she’s been there for 12 years and so many people rely on her.  I remind myself that nine years ago ,when I began my job at my previous company, I also had a lot to learn.  I know it will all fall into place in time.

As for the office atmosphere… they’re hardworking people, but very social…. Cocktails quarterly to celebrate birthdays and employee anniversaries.  I already have invitations for a football party, division cocktail party and Christmas party.   They work hard, but they then enjoy down time and celebrate the new business as well.

I’m actually getting used to my early days.  I now wake up on my own around 5:30 each morning.  The past few mornings I’ve gotten up at that time, but just enjoyed my coffee instead of working out.  I’m battling a cold, which has now settled in my chest and, although my husband fully believes that “sweating it out” will help,  I’m still “sitting on the bench” for workouts until I can get through the day without barking like a seal!

I’m looking forward to watching the presidential townhall debate tonight and I am seriously praying that we have new leadership for our country after election day.

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