It’s the week before Thanksgiving… do you know what you’re holiday schedule looks like?








Aarrrgh!  It’s the week before Thanksgiving and I haven’t even planned what new recipes I’ll try, nor have we even decided if it’s at our house or my parents’ home!  We have all been in a state of  flux –  Me getting used to the new job, my sister still settling into hers and my mom planning for hip surgery sometime in early 2013.   Not to mention I have no ideas for Christmas gifts!  Okay, let me take a breath as I repeat, “Don’t stress out, enjoy the holidays, don’t try to do too much, don’t try new Martha Stewart crafts for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Well, I can tell myself that all I want, but come about Mid-December I will promptly “freak out.”  I will tell my husband, “I dont’ have time to shop, wrap, bake, decorate and attend Christmas parties in between!!!”  (This will be said in a high-pitched voice with my crazy holiday look.)  But I will shop, wrap my packages with the wrapping paper I’ve already purchased, and they will be tied with fluffy bows from the ribbon I bought a month ago.  I will spend two weekends of going non-stop with decorating, and adding little tweaks to what’s already been put in place,  as I dream of sitting in front of my fireplace with dogs lying at my feet and sipping some eggnog… spiked with bourbon of course!

Here’s to the crazy, hectic fun holiday season!  I hope you all enjoy

P.S.  I think I might have to use my die-cut machine and try to make one of these adorable garlands to hang for Thanksgiving!



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