How can so many hearts ever be healed?

Star-of-Bethlehem-3D-Christmas-ScreensaverAfter Friday’s devastating news about the mass killings in Newtown, CT I wonder how the town, the people who lost children, grandchildren, siblings, friends… how will they ever heal over this horrific tragedy?

I came home for lunch on friday, turned on the news and was stunned.  I felt myself starting to tear up at the thought of children being gunned down.  Information was still sketchy, but what they did know was that several children had been shot and killed.

I went back to work feeling helpless, and, as horrible as the news was, I didn’t want to turn it off.  It was similar to what I felt on 9/11 – like if I kept listening to the reports maybe I could make sense of this tragedy.  But the more I listened to the reports, the more I felt an overwhelming sadness settle in.

On Saturday morning, as I watched the news I called my mom.  “Mom, isn’t this just horrible?  I can only imagine what those parents felt like standing there waiting for their child to come out of the school… and they never came out.”  At that point I broke down and cried on the phone with my mom.

My parents have lost a child, my older brother, in a caving accident when he was only 20.  My mom said, “Yes, it’s horrible to lose a child,” but we both agreed that he was lucky enough to be doing something he loved and didn’t have his life stolen from him by some senseless act of violence… the pain and anger have got to be unimaginable to lose someone to a violent act.

At the end of the conversation with my mom she said, “You just need to do something to help others, that what keeps these crazy, evil things from consuming us.  Reach out to someone that needs help, give someone a hug that may be down… you have to keep doing good for others.”

So my wish for the Christmas season is that we reach out to each other with a kind word, a helpful hand and let kindness shine through.  We need it now, more than ever.






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