Do you start new projects or hobbies in the New Year?

IMG_0495As I read through my January editions of Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living and InStyle I started feeling like I needed to start on some home and self-improvement projects.  It seemed that they all had improvement ideas for your home, garden or improvements for health and beauty.   Don’t get me wrong – I love new ideas for my home and love trying new beauty products – (by the way, I subscribe to this fun, monthly beauty sample service called Birchbox, which I love!) and I enjoy thumbing through the pages of home decorating magazines for inspiration, but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed.   A friend of mine, and fellow blogger, Kelli Fox, has turned me on to some great home decorating blogs and talked me into signing up for a DIY decorating blog conference this August, call HAVEN.  I’m so looking forward to this!  I’m at the point in my life that I feel like “Why not?”  Why not try a new direction for a job, a hobby, involvement in a good cause, etc.  As an excerpt from an article, that I read, stated “If I knew heading toward 50 was this fun, I would’ve done it years ago!”  So throw caution to the wind and tackle that project you’ve had your eye on, try a bold new lipstick color, learn a new hobby, that you’ve always wanted to try – What have you got to lose?!

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