Chilly day… wish I’d had one of my scarves

Today was a rainy, damp, chilly day.  One which would’ve been perfect for wearing a fun scarf.  Perhaps that’s why I’ve got the “itch” to try my hand at making one of those cute t-shirt scarves I recently read about  on diy dish blog.

Check out the blog and how cute these scarves are and how much fun they would be to wear.  I can’t wait to make one!  I already have a fun, striped shirt picked out to use as my “test scarf.”  Since stripes go well with some of the bright colors for spring and nautical-themed pants and tops, I figure I’ll get a lot of wear out of this.

As you can see, by the photo of my scarves which completely cover the scarf hanger they’re on, I’ve gathered quite a collection over the years!

The fringe-y looking one I bought with one of my good friends, while at the Yellow Daisy Festival.  The pale blue one I purchased in Senoia, Georgia, when my mom, sister and I had a girls’ day out to visit the Southern Living Design Home this past summer.  Some I’ve grabbed as a last-minute impulse buy, some have been gifts, some my mom has made for me… but they’re definitely my go-to accessory to liven up a dressy or casual outfit.

Stay tuned… my next post will feature my final product.  Wish me luck !





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