Just because the shoe fits doesn’t mean you should wear it.

This past week I was scouring the sale section for some boots.  I was recently at DSW and, while I found a couple of pairs that I liked (with 2″ – 3″ heels), I tended to find more that I could never wear.  I mean, just looking at this pair makes my back hurt!  IMG_0568

How can that tiny, skinny little heel provide support to even walk in that shoe?

As I continued up and down the sales aisle, and saw women cramming their feet into sky-high stilettos, as they teetered around the store, I thought to myself – “just because the shoe fits…

doesn’t mean you should wear it.”  IMG_0569

I’ve gotten to the point that I know what my feet, ankles, knees, back will and won’t handle – and I need comfortable shoes.  While I love to see and read about the newest fashion craze, I don’t always go with it.   Take these for example – some nice, pointy studs on the back of your heels, which can also double as a self-defense weapon.  Now give me a modified version of some rounded studs on flats, and I’m in, but these…well, let’s just say there’s a special place for these shoes and leave it at that.  IMG_0572

Happy Shoe Shopping.



3 thoughts on “Just because the shoe fits doesn’t mean you should wear it.

  1. haha! I hear ya! I would LOVE to wear them, but my feet kill me if I do. I refuse to wear high heels to the office so if I ever do it is to a wedding or some other fancy occasion which is few and far between.. 🙂

    • Connie –
      Thanks for your comment! I feel your pain… I love the looks of some of the high heels, but the older I get, the less willing I am to put up with the pain.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

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