It’s the end of an era…

After years of creating school clothes, prom dresses, sport coats and wedding gowns — My mom’s Elna sewing machine, which she’d passed on to me, has gone ka-put!   It truly is the end of an era.  I remember my mom’s little sewing nook in our home in Nebraska.  It was situated between the kitchen and our family room.  She would crank out fall school clothes for my sister and I (matching, no less), a sport coat and tie for my brother’s first communion, dotted Swiss first communion dresses for my sister and I.  As we grew up, my mom fashioned prom dresses and college formals for us from that sewing machine.  And, finally, the biggest, most challenging fete – wedding dresses for two daughters.  I found the dress of my dreams at Greer Regenstein’s in Buckhead (yes, that was over 20 years ago!).  At first my mom was willing to take the plunge and buy the dress, then a week later she declared “I think I can make it.”  Thus began many trips back to the store to see how the dress fit, how the bow/bustle was done in the back and she created the dress of my dreams.


The back of my dress - although a bit wrinkled from being packed away

The back of my dress – although a bit wrinkled from being packed away

I couldn’t have purchased a dress that I loved more, and the fact that my mom made it, well, that was just the icing on the cake.   So, as I uncovered the sewing machine a week ago to add a border to some curtains I’d purchased for my family room, I threaded the machine, began adding the border, then…nothing.  The flywheel wouldn’t tighten, the machine wouldn’t move.  I called my mom, who offered to finish them on her fancy computerized machine that she now owned.  I asked my mom, “Do you think it would cost much to get it fixed?”  To which she replied, “Oh, I wouldn’t even mess with getting it fixed!  It’s over 45 years old!”  So, the sewing machine sits, with its cover on, in my craft room.  I still haven’t decided if I can part with it.

My mom's Elna Sewing machine

My mom’s Elna Sewing machine

I think I’ll get a quote on getting it repaired.

2 thoughts on “It’s the end of an era…

  1. awe, what a sweet story! You should see about getting it fixed. I think machines made 45 years ago are better made than the ones today! Ask Jo where she got hers fixed!

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