When did holidays go from being fun to stressful?

As Easter weekend draws closer I find myself getting tired just thinking about getting everyone together and making a big meal.  Add to that an ex-brother-in-law that may or may not be at the dinner, depending on his idiot rating at the time of the holiday, and my mom asking what the menu is and what she needs to bring… when I have no idea what the menu will even be at this point!

Well, I did decide one thing today… we’re doing an Easter brunch.  Monday mornings are busy for everyone, so if we do a brunch, everyone can have their evening to themselves to get ready for the school/work week.

Now, for the menu… I’ve pulled out my favorite cookbooks – Paul Dean, Charleston Receipts (which I love just for reading the little notes and bits of history with the recipes), One of my Southern Living cookbooks and perhaps a perusal on Pinterest.   Well, Pinterest might give me too many ideas and make me feel inadequate in terms of the decorations and presentation. Did I tell you I have no spring or Easter decorations in sight?

I used to deck out my home with an Easter tree, bunnies and chicks set about throughout the house, jelly beans (has to be Russell Stover’s pectin jelly beans) in the candy jars.  When did it become such a chore to do all of that?  I think the older I get, the less crapola I want to deal with!

So…  how about this for my brunch menu:

Breakfast egg casserole


 Fancy Fruit salad

Cinnamon rolls

ham and cheese biscuits

Juice – (we use to do mimosas, but we just ended up tired and with a headache)

Oh, and jelly beans in the candy dish

Happy Easter!

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