I love to dig for treasures

Oh how I love hunting for a treasure… at a good price.  I believe my mom instilled in me my bargain shopping mentality.  If I saw something I was dying to have, she’d patiently say, “Let’s wait and see if it will go on sale.”  My response was often, “but mom, it may not be here!”  However, as I began earning my own money it was much easier to wait for the sales and dig for the bargains.  And now, I love a good thrift store or flea market find… you know the saying … One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  Plus re-use and up-cycling is so tres chic!

Before I show you a couple of my treasures I found at a flea market this past Saturday… Here are a few I had to share with you –

Remember the GIGANTIC ashtrays??  I just thought this was funny, as I totally remember these.  They were like pieces of art in people’s homes.

giant shell ashtray

giant shell ashtray

But then you find some kind of cool pieces like this… which I think could look so cool by mixing old and contemporary pieces.

Some great antler lamps

Some great antler lamps









Or I think using some of these pages to frame for a little boys room would be fun… and inexpensive!











So, here are my bargains that I found – an old quilt that’s a little tattered, but I love it for our cabin.  A mirror that’s going in my dining room on my “wall of mirrors”, and a few old thread/yarn spools – I can’t wait to dress these up for the holidays and use them as candle holders!

Georgia quilt with peach in center, pine cones, confederate flag and dogwood flower

Georgia quilt with peach in center, pine cones, flag and dogwood flowers

All, in all I did pretty well and stuck to my mental list of what I was looking for.

IMG_0994 2

Hope you all had a great weekend – the weather was GORGEOUS! And.. I’m super excited about my new project that I just started working on yesterday… more to come on that!

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