I love me some burlap!

I love all things burlap.  And when I attended the Haven conference, Onlinefabricstore.com packed a nice yard of burlap and a piece of printed material into all of the attendees’ bags.  And I’ve had some fun putting together a couple of quick DIY projects.

1.  Instagram photo board – using a 12″ x 24″ canvas, I covered the canvas with burlap – cutting a little larger around the perimeter of the canvas to allow for enough fabric to staple to the canvas

Once canvas was covered, I tied pieces of twine evenly across the front, with the knots on the back of the piece.









After tying the twine, I attached my cute little 3″x3″ instagram prints (from Persnickety Prints) with some mini clothespins, which I found at Michael’s.  It’s a fun way to highlight all of the fun, on-the-go photos we take with our friends and family at the cabin












2.  BOO!  Burlap hanging

I cut out 3 triangles of burlap, cut out letters with my Cricut to create a stencil for the letters BOO.  I then used a black stamp to put ink on the burlap with the stencils, glued twine to the back of the triangles, allowing enough length to loop each end on a hook for hanging, and wall-ah! A quick window hanging!


Happy Crafting!

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