Organizing an old broom closet

Ever have an organization project you just keep putting off?  I did!  So… after seeing what organizational marvels Just A Girl and I Heart Organizing are, I decided the time had come to tackle my broom closet.

Yes, this is an actual picture of what it looked like… I know – pretty embarrassing isn’t it?  After 12 years of just ignoring the issue…

Broom closet disaster area

Broom closet disaster area








And here’s a picture the broom close now… after pulling everything out – cleaning, removing the crappy little shelves that the previous owner had installed and putting in new stainless steel shelving units (found on and using plastic bins/baskets to corral everything.  By the way- I had NO idea I had about 6 different furniture polishes!  Who knew in that mess?!

My broom closet now!

My broom closet now!






It makes me smile each time I get something out of this area now.  Even my husband was amazed at what a difference it makes, although he will still stand there and ask me where the dogs treats are… when he’s staring right at them!  🙂

P.S. Great tip from Just a Girl and I Heart Organizing – get plastic bins/containers from Dollar Store and spray paint them the color you want – which is what I did.  Brilliant idea isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Organizing an old broom closet

    • Thanks Kelli! And yes, I call that refrigerator blindness, like when they open the refrigerator and stare right at the milk and say ” We don’t have any milk, or I can’t find it.” HA!

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