What’s ahead in 2014 for you?

IMG_0030I was looking back through my blog posts from the past year and wanted to re-visit my goals/plans I had blogged about last January.

After looking through them, I did touch on most of them… except for knitting.  Still need to learn how to knit – okay, okay – so it’s back on my list for 2014!

I want to continue to take risks, whether it’s with a new job or learning a new skill, or attending a seminar or conference that I might be hesitant about.  I have to tell you the most fun, interesting thing I did this past year was attend a blogging convention that a friend had encouraged me to go to.  It was a blast!  Not only did I learn new skills, get great ideas, but I met some really amazing women.  I’ve run into to some of them in online forums, at events around Atlanta, and now I’m attending an Atlanta Blogger’s meeting in a couple of weeks!  It’s just been a wonderful experience and such a great group of women to connect with.  Thank you Kelli Fox! ( my good friend who talked me into going to Haven).

I also want to motivate myself to become more involved with charitable work.  I did  a little this past year, but want to step it up in 2014.

I also have a list of projects I want to tackle around the house – rooms that need painting, putting a new light fixture in our guest room (see I have these really cool Edison bulbs that I want to use in “just the right light fixture”)  – now I need to find it!  I’m still working on sprucing up the laundry room and am so excited because I found two matching gray and white graphic print shower curtains that I’m going to use for curtains – just need to crank up the sewing machine!  I also want to travel more- I even have the hubs talked into getting away to some place warm in early March (BTW – Airtran has some good rates to some warm weather areas in FL!)

So… Here’s wishing all of you a Happy New Year and a Happy Goal-Setting, List-Making, Wonderful 2014!





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