Why did you start a blog?

IMG_1406As I look back, a year and a half ago… I had just gotten laid off from my job and had decided I would sign up for Hollis Gillespie’s blogging workshop.  Of course, I didn’t have a blog at the time, but was intrigued by the thought of starting one.  Yes, one other woman, and I, were the only ones that did not have a blog.  However, I met some cool people, got a new Facebook pal from Boston – Hi Doreen! – and I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit.  So I started my blog, NowWhatNow, as a means of documenting my job search.  It’s funny to go back and read some of my posts, it was definitely a way to pour out my job search frustration, while hammering it out on my laptop.

Fast forward to me landing a job, but missing any creative aspect to my daily work, and one of my good friends telling me about Haven.  A blogging conference of DIY’ers.  I thought – “What the heck!” I signed up, and waited for August 2013 to arrived.  I had no idea what an eye-opening, wonderful experience that would be.  No, I’m not a top blogger, like so many of the talented women at the conference were, but I met some amazing women, whom I’ve been able to stay in touch with, interact with online, and at a few events around Atlanta.  And I’ve learned that everyone has a story, and these women are a force to be reckoned with.  They support each other in their new endeavors and cheer on one another.

So here’s to BLOGGERS!  Thanks for expanding and enriching my world – you all are amazing!  Can’t wait to see and meet more of you at Haven 2014!



2 thoughts on “Why did you start a blog?

  1. yay! I’m sooo glad you are still in this thing! I feel the same way you do – love having met some really cool, fun women, and getting to do all of this with you 🙂 Please keep blogging about your new adventure! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for ya – love, Kel

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