What can you do with a couple of shower curtains?

My laundry room needed a little refreshing.  We live in an older ranch home, so I don’t have the glamorous, new and shiny laundry room that comes with new construction, but I did want it to have some cute little touches.  After all, if a girl’s got to do laundry and some ironing, might as well have a fun space to do it in!

(Before Photo)


So, that brings me to the shower curtains!  I found two matching shower curtains at Marshall’s (score!)  At just $16.99 each, that’s cheaper than purchasing the fabric.  And, even though I cut them in half and hemmed them for some curtains, I still had some finished edges, which meant less work for me!  I made curtains for a shelf space above my washer and dryer and also hemmed one to cover a large storage shelf unit.


(below) Large storage unit with fabric hemmed, and hung to cover shelving… and cute little rug I found to place by door


I also decided to treat myself to some new baskets for the skinny shelving unit where I keep my laundry, cleaning and ironing supplies.  I really lucked out and found four matching ones and one large one at Homegoods (so excited!)  So I switched out my baskets to go with the updated gray theme. 


(below) large basket – yes we like chips 🙂


I’m happy with my quick, easy refresh!  What easy transformation have you done lately that makes you do a little “happy dance?”

Now on to the next item on my to-do list… A little corner bar tray re-do with some fun touches! 

Have a great weekend!



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