How Do You Welcome Spring?

Spring has officially arrived in Atlanta.  The azaleas, dogwoods, cherry trees and Bradford pear trees are in full bloom, showing off their finest for the 2014 season.  When this time of the year arrives, I always get the itch to do all of the following:

1.  change out pieces around my house to brighten the decor

2.  deep clean

3.  play outside in my yard and garden.

With that being said, I’ll focus on #1 for this post.  The first place I always want to change out once spring arrives is my bedroom.  I love my flannel leopard print duvet for the winter.  I’ve snuggled under it for Sunday afternoon naps on a cold day and it’s kept me warm on the chilly winter nights, but once spring arrives I want a crisp, bright duvet on my bed!  This changing out the duvet, however, often leads to changing out a few other things around the room, which leads to a shopping trip to purchase some new accessories – I mean that’s a perfectly acceptable reason, don’t you think?

So, here’s the cozy winter duvet…. and ta-dah!  my bright, happy spring duvet!

leopard print flannel bedding

leopard print flannel bedding

spring bedding

spring bedding












New spring pillows

New spring pillows














Of course, I HAD to add some new pillows


IMG_0005 2











then I found this mirror on clearance at Target, but just hadn’t gotten around to hanging it.



And how simple is this?   I found some brightly colored scrap-book paper images, used some card stock I had, and put them in some frames I had stashed around the house for a bright pop of color here and there.


prints mad from scrap book images and cardstock

prints made from scrap book images and cardstock













So what are your plans to brighten up your home for Spring?


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