What have you done lately with chalkboard paint?

During the cold month of February my friend and I decided to attend an Atlanta Blogger’s workshop on photography.  It was a blustery day, but we’d had enough of staying inside and were up for the challenge.  It was a fun workshop and we met some great women at the event as well.  Included with the attendance was a bag of goodies… one of which was Rust-oleum Chalkboard paint.  First of all, what a nice gift to include in our bags!  I had big plans for that can of chalkboard paint.  Fast forward to May/June and I’ve just gotten around to using it!  That’s life isn’t it?

So, this year on my list of “to-do’s” is a focus on our cabin.  It’s filled with lots of second-hand furniture and freebies that were passed on to us, which has been great, but I really want to start making little improvements on the cabin this year.  So I dug that chalkboard paint out and painted a wall that you see right as you walk into our little a-frame.

Wall taped and ready for paint

Wall taped and ready for paint


Wall painted with chalkboard paint

I used Frog Tape to seal off the wall area that I didn’t want to get paint on.  I love Frog Tape – it gives a clean, crisp paint line, without any paint seeping underneath the tape, and it removes easily as well.

I know we’ll have fun writing welcome greetings for all of our visiting friends that come up throughout the year.  I also have a little burlap, Instagram photo board that I’ll hang there as well.

The other project I did with chalkboard paint was creating two cylinder vases (I bought them at Goodwill for $1 each).  I taped off stripes on the vases and went to town with the chalkboard paint.  It was a super quick and easy project, but I LOVE the outcome…


Vase taped off with Frog Tape












IMG_0003 2

Vases finished with my hydrangea “porch flowers” in them











What fun project have you done with chalkboard paint?

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