Looking for a quick, easy wreath idea?

I’ve had a green floral wreath form in my craft room  for a few months now.  My original idea was to make a burlap wreath, but then I came across my fabric from OnlineFabricStore.  I had thought I might use it for pillows, but decided to use it on my wreath.

wreath form and fabric

wreath form and fabric










I began, by cutting 1 1/2″ – 2″ strips









To start wrapping the fabric around the form, I attached it with a straight pin, then sprayed a portion of the wreath with spray adhesive for a tighter hold.  To finish each strip, I pinned it in place with another straight pin.

















IMG_0007 2








I continued this until the wreath was completely covered with fabric.

wreath completely wrapped with fabric

wreath completely wrapped with fabric










I really like the random pattern on the wreath.


I also bought a “T” at Michael’s craft store, and had some black craft paint on hand to paint this.


















After the paint had dried, I adhered the “T” to the wreath with Gorilla Glue.  I let it sit for a while to create a good bond.









I finished the wreath off with some bright green ribbon (I love black, white and bright green!)  And tah-dah!  My new front door wreath!


Finished wreath with bow – ready to hang on the front door!













It took me about 30 minutes total to make this.  Super easy, and had most of the items lying around my craft room.

What spontaneous project have you done recently?  I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Saturday!




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