What I did with a second hand wicker chair and ottoman

I’ve had the itch lately to revamp my family room area.  I want a fresher, brighter look.  So, the first change I’ve made is switching out our old, sturdy wing back chair for a wicker chair.  I recently started following a group on Facebook that lists furniture and decorative items for sale and was lucky enough to see this wonderful wicker chair and ottoman that were for sale.

Second hand wicker chair

Second hand wicker chair

The previous owner said she had stained it every few years, as it was on her screened in porch.  As luck would have it, I had some Minwax® Staining and Finishing Cloths that I had received in my Haven swag bag!  It was a dark mahogany stain, which was perfect!  The staining cloths were so much easier to use than a paint brush – especially on wicker.  I even had a few cloths left in the packet and I stained the ottoman and the chair!

Minwax staining cloths

Minwax® staining cloths

After staining, I had the cushions recovered (no I didn’t make the covers).  I had a pale yellow matelasse fabric that I had purchased several years ago on clearance, so I was thrilled I was able to use that!  I found this great flame stitch pillow in Blueridge at my favorite store – Gatewood Hall Gracious Home.   Make sure to stop by this store if you’re ever in Blueridge.  My friends and I ALWAYS find something to buy in this store!  And the owner is such a great guy!

Flame stitch pillow

Flame stitch pillow

I then found a wonderful 2’x 3′ sheepskin to place over the back of the chair to give it that cozy feeling.  I love it!  I found it on Amazon, after comparing prices on several sites, and this had some great reviews as well.

Here’s the finished styling of the chair with its complete new look.  I’m so excited!  This is my first step in the re-do of the family room.  Stay tuned – not sure what my next step will be!

Finished chair with new cushion covers, pillow and sheepskin

Finished chair and ottoman with new cushion covers, pillow and sheepskin

Finished chair with better view of ottoman

Finished chair with better view of ottoman


Have a great, project-filled weekend!











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